“If matter is everything that takes up space, then care giving is truly matter.  The emotions that are consumed when care giving, the energy expended, the communication required, the extensive planning – the amount of stuff in care giving is overwhelming.   The space it occupies is your heart.  Every single aspect of your heart.”


"A true story teller, Susan shares her 16 year care giving journey for her three elderly loved ones – Mom, Dad and step-grandmom – all the while working on building her nationally known business: speaking, writing, and consulting to dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors and doctors.  This book is actually her 36th book!"

"Susan literally wrote the book she wished she had before beginning her journey.  She deals with the emotional side of changing roles with our parents, the frustration in their aging and the harsh realities you will face."


"Recommended for anyone caring for an aging adult, Susan will make you laugh and cry with relatable stories.  The content is complete with well thought through amazing lists that will be immensely helpful in your own care giving journey."


The wait is over. Matters of the Heart is here! Touching true story of a daughter's sacrifice to care for her aging parents. This is a must read for anyone who finds themselves now care giving their parents.