"Susan Gunn built a nationally known successful speaking and consulting business at the same time she cared for her father, mother and step-grandmom, ultimately becoming the country’s pre-eminent healthcare expert on financial organization and embezzlement. 

She has received many awards and recognition for her contributions more specifically in the dental industry. Susan has written 36 financial organizational books for healthcare practices who use two practice software for accounting, with  numerous articles being published in various magazines. For additional information regarding Susan's business, visit susangunnsolutions.com

During the heart-warming, sometimes heart-breaking time of her 16 years devoted to caregiving, she learned firsthand about the extraordinary power of love and faith, commitment and sacrifice, grief, joy and sheer perseverance that caregiving required. (A degree in Psychology helped, too.)

Susan combines her gift of hilarious storytelling with usable lists of concrete caregiving information and from-the-trenches guidance, combined with warm, personal, and often downright comical insights into aspects of caregiving that often go untold.

In addition to being a fiercely loyal friend to many, she has also been named ‘best aunt/godmother in the world’ by many who look to her for guidance regarding life experiences, humor, career expertise, down-to-earth, practical advice or just ears to listen to their heart.

A native Texan and rabid MLB Texas Rangers Baseball fan, she resides in Arlington, Texas with her dog, Kakie (aka “Kakie the Destroyer”), and feline pals Myrtle and Grace."