A Journey In Caring For Aging Loved Ones

“This heartfelt book is a great presentation of the Good, the Bad  and the Ugly side of caregiving.” 

“As a medical professional, I see the growing need for caregiving on a daily basis. It is a tough, often thankless, job and I am filled with admiration for those who provide it.  The Gunn story is one of millions playing out in our country every day.  “Matters of the Heart” is a compelling reading for any current or future caregiver.  There is much to learn and Susan has much to share.”

“This story-telling format allows for a read that satisfies both the need for concrete care information and the need to feel the emotional tug of both the positive and the negative aspects of caregiving.”

“Caregiving is not just the stuff that can be seen and documented but the inner turmoil, the second-guessing, the sacrifice, the grief, the joy and the plain old heads-down perseverance required.  The willingness of Susan to share out loud her deeply personal journey, results in every reader benefiting from the message.”

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CHAPTER ONE             Matters Of The Heart

CHAPTER TWO             Sacrifice:  The Call & The Purpose     

CHAPTER THREE           Forgiveness:  For Past Imperfections

CHAPTER FOUR            Inadequacy:  Role Changing

CHAPTER FIVE             Honesty: Ongoing Communications

CHAPTER SIX              Heartache: Empathy & Martyrdom

CHAPTER SEVEN          Frustration:  Patience Is A Virtue

CHAPTER EIGHT           Guilt & Resentment:  Pendulum Swings

CHAPTER NINE            Humor:  Intentional Joy

CHAPTER TEN             Faith:  A Concrete Belief System

CHAPTER ELEVEN         Protection:  Love Running Deep

CHAPTER TWELVE        Turmoil: Family Strife

CHAPTER THIRTEEN      Grief:  Letting Go When Its Time

CHAPTER FOURTEEN     Resolve: Life Move On

The back of the book contains Questions For Further Consideration, Suggested Reading List, Additional Caregiving Online Resources, a Family Tool Box that includes necessary documents helpful in caregiving, and the results of a digital survey sent to over 3500 individuals in 2012.