A Professional Member of the National Speaker Association, Susan is an already sought after speaker in the healthcare industry for her “left brained” business accolades as a QuickBooks and Fraud Examiner Expert.  But, when she talks about her years of caring for her elderly parents, her stories are easily relatable as you will quickly join her on that journey.  Susan tells you what she wishes someone would have told her before, during and after caregiving all those years.  


Her speaking style combines humor with expertise, lots of stories and her advice is always down-to-earth and practical.  She knows how to hold an audience’s attention.  Have her speak for your next meeting and you will quickly learn why she is a sought after speaker!

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Keynote: Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

No one really wants to grow old and become a burden to their children or nieces or nephews, or anyone else for that matter.   Based on the audience’s demographics, Susan gives five basic principles to survive caregiving for an elderly loved one.   This presentation can be up to two hours.

Matters Of The Heart: A Journey In Caring For Aging Loved Ones

Elder care is on the increase and the personal involvement of the younger members of the family is unavoidable.

For 16 years, Susan’s primary job was caregiving for her elderly parents, while managing a successful business.  You will laugh, and maybe cry, as you learn concrete ways to guide your loved ones into their elder years, both physically and emotionally, to embrace what can be a rewarding role.

The lessons she learned on the caregiving journey need to be shared. The physical and emotional aspects of caregiving are many, both to the aging and the provider. The journey is full of life-changing, life-altering questions that have never been asked nor answered at that point in our lives.

  • When do you intervene in your parent's driving?

  • How do you get involved in your parent's medical care and life caring decisions?

  • When do you become a parent of your parents?

  • How do you protect your parent's finances and living environment?

  • And, in the midst of it all, how do you maintain a sense of sanity?

Beyond the scope of QuickBooks, beyond the scope of Embezzlement, this is entirely within the realm of Susan’s expertise.  Armed with a degree in psychology, a business financial background, and sixteen full years of caregiving, your audience receives step by step checklists of what to talk about with parents or children, what to expect, along with worst and best case scenarios.


The caregiving journey is full of questions.  “Been there, done that,” Susan says.

In true story telling fashion, Susan takes you back to the Atlanta tornado that plowed through her room with 130 mph winds.  This riveting keynote combines a whirlwind story of three key universal principles that can be applied to practices, as well as to your audience’s personal life.

American history teaches us applicable lessons for our lives.  Susan takes us on a historical tour of what has made our country so great and how it pertains to everyday business activities.  Tour stops include the Alamo, the War of 1812, the Civil War and a few other notable moments.